This is the official site for the fantasy series “The Legend of Thoke”!

Imagine a man that barely seems to grow older. Imagine that man being born in the stone-age. Imagine that man having superhuman strength, speed and senses. Was Thoke born today he might have donned some brightly colored spandex, a cape and called himself Captain Caveman or something to that affect, and then gone on to fight crime. Being born somewhere around 1500 bce however, spandex was yet to be invented. Thoke then has to settle for whatever seems appropriate for his environment, location and time-period. Finding himself not to be the only strange thing around, Thoke will go trough the centuries facing mythological creatures or perhaps what simply inspired them. He will meet those who claim to be gods and perhaps are even telling the truth. From the frozen mountains of Northern-Europe, to ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and more he will search for his lost tribe. A tribe which was taken to somewhere far away. A tribe who themselves are called gods.

On the bottom of the page there’s a link to the prologue of “A Mountain of Fire”, the first book in the series. The book was released on February 25th 2019. You can find it on Amazon here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P3SZ88P

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“The Legend Of Thoke” is a upcoming fantasy series of novels about the titular character Thoke. Born during the stone age in northern Europe, Thoke gains supernatural abilities after getting caught in a strange blizzard during a hunt. Throughout the series Thoke will visit many different cultures, cities and eras during his unusually long life. “A Mountain Of Fire” will be the first book of the series, set sometime around 1500 BCE in the snowy mountains in northern Europe. The book is currently in it's finishing stages, and will be released on February 25th. The second book, “The Tyrant Of Egypt” is currently being written, and is set for release in 2020. More information coming soon!

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Born in the mountains of northern Europe, Thoke comes from humble beginnings. The son of the chief, Thoke is destined to lead their tribe. On a routine hunting trip, Thoke’s family and tribe mysteriously disappear during a blizzard. After being blinded by a bright light piercing the thick snowfall, Thoke awakes to find himself with godlike abilities. He is stronger, faster, can see wast distances with stunning clarity, and can also hear even the lowest of whispers within the forest. Thoke sets out on a journey to find his family, but instead ends up making a new one. Now his new family is in danger as a tribe known to some as “the demons of the mountains” is about to obliterate all other tribes that inhabit the mountains. After keeping it all a secret for so long, Thoke must reveal his abilities and use his powers to save his loved ones and uncover the truth about these so-called demons. The war for the mountains begins.